Shandong Wanda Real Estate Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, belonging to China Wanda group. The company is mainly engaged in the development and management of real estate and ancillary facilities, total assets of 2 billion 210 million yuan, annual development capacity of more than 500 thousand square meters, has a level of development qualification. The company's existing staff of 195 people, all kinds of professionals 163 people.

In recent years, Wanda estate always will build the "high starting point, high standard and high quality" works as an important measure to build the brand, continuously introducing the advanced real estate business philosophy, with new thinking, leading the Dongying City real estate market, won the majority of the owners of all ages through a series of quality engineering, first-class service and advance the development of philosophy. Since 2002, the company invested about 1 billion 500 million yuan, has succeeded in the development and construction of the golden mall, foreign investment service center, Wanda, Wanda, Wanda International Building, garden apartments, Wanda golf garden one or two, Wanda Wanda Building, business building, Wanda mansion, a total construction area of more than 1 million 100 thousand square meters of the project.

2010, Wanda real estate development and construction of the Wanda - wealth metro, the total construction area of 460 thousand square meters, is by far the largest single real estate project in Dongying City, is Dongying's largest real estate investment projects.

Wanda real estate to the "integrity management, return to the society" as the corporate mission. 2006 Wanda real estate in Dongying city was Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Dongying municipal enterprise contract credit association awarded the "Shou contract re credit" enterprise, Dongying City Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee, city, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Private Enterprise Association awarded "2005-2006 annual civilization integrity of private enterprise"; in 2007 by the Dongying Municipal Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Dongying City Consumers Association awarded the "consumer satisfaction units"; 2008 by the Organizing Committee of Chinese Huaihai Economic Zone Housing Industry Expo awarded the "Real Estate Corporate Social Responsibility Award, the Consumer Association of Dongying city" Dongying City 2007-2008 year integrity unit, Shandong province was named the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau "Shou contract re credit" enterprises in 2009; Dongying City Real Estate Management Bureau as a "credit enterprise of the real estate industry in 2008". The company from 2007 to 2010 for 4 consecutive years by the Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics as "advanced unit of statistical work". 2009 was awarded "National Games outstanding contribution award", "Shandong integrity enterprise" and "Dongying real estate backbone enterprise"". In 2010 was named "Dongying Young Pioneers work contribution award".

Wanda real estate people continue to uphold the "build quality project, cast Wanda Wanda" enterprise belief, determined to Wanda real estate construction into a first-class real estate development company, to build the province and even the country's real estate well-known brands.

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