Wanda Harbour City introduction

Wanda Harbour City is located in Dongying Port Development Zone of Shandong City, Dongying Province, facing port city road, East Lingang Road, north side and west end respectively, connecting with planning two road and planning five road. Wanda Harbour City complex project, designed by the United States Tianhe architectural design firm, Shandong Wanda Real Estate Co., Ltd. investment and development, started construction in 2011 June. The project covers an area of 80 thousand square meters, with a total construction area of nearly 190 thousand square meters. The overall greening rate of the project is as high as 30%, with 1050 motorized parking spaces and a maximum building height of 76.5 meters. Is a business, office, financial settlement, business and star hotel in one of the modern, ecological, intensive urban complex.

Wanda Harbour City based in Dongying port, relying on the Yellow River Delta, the radiation, the impact of international purpose, business office, financial settlement, commercial and hotel and other functions in one, become a business of large scale, business professional, business grade high management means modernization, internationalization, business space business environment ecology the large scale city complex.

Wanda Harbour City is the largest and highest grade composite real estate project in Dongying port economic development zone. Its publication is of epoch-making significance to the construction and commercial upgrading of Dongying port. After the completion of the project, Dongying port will become the flagship landmark building, to enhance the whole region of commercial grade and comprehensive supporting capacity, become Dongying port urbanization and modernization symbol.

Address: Dongying City Dongcheng District Front Street No. 37 Wanda International

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