Wanda Times Square

Wanda Plaza is located in the Dongying city times trunk road the Yellow River road and Taihang Road intersection East West Eshou diamond district, the hinterland of the central city, hold development artery, occupy the best business resources, supporting resources in the surrounding communities, parks, banks, shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals and other Goods are available in all varieties. And Dongying Wanda Plaza across the road. 2 minutes away from Dongying coach station, 5 minutes away from Dongying district government and international convention and Exhibition Center, 7 minutes away from East Qinghai expressway, 10 minutes away from the railway station, 20 minutes away from the airport. Wanda times square hold city traffic artery, the linkage from all sides.

Wanda times square total construction area of about 80 thousand square meters, of which class A office building is about 15000 square meters, high-end commercial about 25000 square meters, hotel style apartment 40000 square meters.

Wanda Times Square is a modern urban complex with a hotel style boutique apartment as its flagship product, a class a commercial office building as the logo, and a combination of HOPSCA functions.

The commercial part of Shandong Lu 100 group Jinding Plaza has settled and grand business, currently in the sale of products for the pure South has a warm hotel style apartments and boutique 5A class office building; the apartment area interval "45-86 square meters, office area of 90-1030 square meters interval" smart perfect combination, the use of space. Apartment hardcover model has bright bloom, welcome companies.

Address: Dongying City Dongcheng District Front Street No. 37 Wanda International

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